Welcome to Albert Sales

Established since 1967. We have maintained our focus on customer service, competitive prices and problem solving. We started off selling toner and after demands from our clients we branched off into office supplies, commercial printing, business forms, promotional items and social invitations.

Albert is really your one stop shop.

Never one to stand still, Albert Sales embraced the web after launching our ecommerce for our printing division in 1998.

We have since added ecommerce for our office supplies and promotional items divisions. Our ecommerce program offers you the same product quality you've come to expect with added time saving and quicker turnaround features. In today's fast paced economy with people being a companies' greatest asset, managing an employee's time efficiently is our greatest challenge.

Using the name "Ealbert" we've tried to encompass all our online and off-line services and products into a simple and concise place for our customers to acquire needed information. For those not yet onboard the web-express our friendly and helpful customer service representatives are eager to respond to your telephone calls and faxes.

Albert Sales is a member in good standing of DMIA.