We print everything

At Albert Sales we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. Your flyers, brochures and forms are not just pieces of paper to us but rather communication packets that you use to communicate your message and information to your clientele. We want you to have the clearest message possible. No matter the shape, size, color or format, Albert Sales can deliver in a multitude of different formats.

Business Forms

Business forms are the heart of any industry, to be able to generate clean and legible information is a high priority. Albert Sales has on staff form specialists with a many years of experience, who will work with your programmer or IT department to custom design any form to meet your needs.

Continuous Forms

ontinuous forms are used on Impact type printers (ie. dot matrix) and are fed through the printer with sprocket holes on the side. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these forms are mostly used for invoices, statements, packing slips and notices.


Laser forms are forms created especially for laser printers. These forms take into account smoothness and thickness of paper for toner adhesion. So there's no smearing. Available in any color, but size is usually based on the North American "Letter" standard.

Security Cheques

To help protect your company's integrity, we offer a range of security features that will keep your cheques tamperproof. With the advent of high tech reproduction equipment in today's world, we use high tech features to foil any attempt to reproduce cheques.

- "Void" Pantograph
- Micro Printing
- Watermarks
- Warning Band
- Laid Lines
- Rainbow Printing
- Visible and Invisible Fibres
- Security Stocks
- Thermochromatic ink

Snap Sets

Snap set forms are forms that have perforations on them and allow the form to be separated into many parts. Available in many colors, sizes and can be made up of multiple parts.

Commercial Printing

The term "Commercial Printing" is so vast, it basically boils down to "any printing you need." Albert Sales has many years of experience in producing print products for the large or small consumers. From small run 1 and 2 colour jobs to large run 4-6 color jobs. We've handled them all. Any paper stock, rainbows of colours, any type of finishing and binding you and your designers can think of, we can help you make it happen.

Just a sampling of the print possibilities there are:

- 4 Colour Process
- Brochures
- Business Cards
- Calendars
- Envelopes
- Flyer/Mailers
- Hang Tags
- Invitations
- Labels
- Letterhead
- Packaging
- Promotional Items

Albert Sales can also help you start your project. Our experienced graphic designers and commercial illustrators can help you design your project in the right way. Avoiding all the dangers and pitfalls in a commercial production right from the beginning. Make your production a smooth and financially sound one. There's no substitute for experience and imagination.

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Digital Printing

We can print your jobs without making a film or a plate.
Albert Sales uses the latest in digital printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options to both large and small businesses. Digital presses can produce business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures for short runs with great quality and cost savings over traditional presses..

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Large Format Digital Outputs

Ever have a need to produce a really big poster or sign...but only wanted ONE or a couple of copies! Well now you can with Large Digital Outputs. For trade shows, signage exhibits, wall displays or anywhere you need high visibility, this is the way to go. Output large prints to paper, vinyl, or other various media. With resolutions up to 1200 dpi these prints can be laminated, mounted to several different types of board material, or hung with grommets or suspended by wire. Whatever use you may have Large Digital Outputs will fit your needs to a tee.

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