500,000 great ways to promote yourself

With over half-a-million promotional items available at a click of a button. Choosing the right corporate gift or marketing give-away is than ever.

Albert Sales offers you top quality, innovative brand name items. Promotional items with your company's logo improves your image, builds customer loyalty, raises your brand awareness, helps create repeat business, and raises employee productivity.

If you have any questions send us a info@albertsales.com ? or call us at (514) 739-6366 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To help you out, we've also prepared this little to help answer any questions you may have

Q. I want to put our company logo on an item but we do not have camera ready art. What do we do?
A. Just prepare your order, then call us. We maintain a full service graphics department for development of a customers logo into camera ready art. Supply us with letterhead, an emailed image or tell us where your web site is. Our professional staff can handle it. You will receive a electronic PDF of your artwork, or we will fax you a proof for your approval.

Q. What is your lead time for an order and if I have a special event date that has to met, can you help me?
A. The industry standard from date of order to delivery is 4 weeks. Some items will arrive in a week or sooner, others take more time. For special event needs, we strongly advise you to contact us on the phone immediately so that we may assess your needs and recommend products to you that can be delivered to meet your event date. We will NOT process an order we know will not be ready in time for your event.

Q. I would like to have a sample of an item before placing my order. If I request a sample, will you send me one.</b>
A. We handle sample requests on a, "Case by Case", basis. We do sample requests, but on a limited basis and at a nominal fee.

Q. Is your ordering system secure?
A. Not only is our online system utilize an encrypted security system, you don't have to purchase directly online. The amazing thing about our system is that you can do 3 things. Purchase online, request a quote or request more information about an item. This maximizes your workflow, you can be hands on or hands off whatever is better for you.